LawBreakers Update 1.04 Is Live on PS4, Fixes Hitching Issue

Doris Richards
August 10, 2017

While the PC version appears to be in good shape-and is good fun, as you'd expect from a game with lasers you can shoot out of your boots as you retreat-the PS4 version has been encountering some troubles on launch day. Having just had their final beta a week ago, many fans and beta testers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new, fast-paced shooter, which many gamers have deemed to be the evolution of the Unreal franchise, which Bleszinski help create.

Players are reporting several instances of freezing and hitching during LawBreakers games proper, when things will keep freezing for use a slight moment.

Boss Key Studios and publisher Nexon have already acknowledged that they are aware of the problem and looking to fix it. You can check out the tweet below.

Prior to this statement Brussee responded to a question about the problem stating, "We broke something (showed only after we unlocked everything) and thought we fixed it". So far there is no estimated time of the fix, although it's likely we will see a patch drop soon!

The frenetic shooter brings vertical combat in low gravity situations. Players can choose between nine dynamic roles, eight gravity-defying maps, and five game modes in high-intensity multiplayer team-based battles. Still, this is not what any new company wants to experience when launching their first major game, especially when said problem didn't exist a week ago.

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