Aaron Rodgers is all-in on an iconic 'Game Of Thrones' fan theory

Angelo Anderson
August 13, 2017

You weren't imagining the chemistry between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow this week on Game of Thrones. He survived or not that is the question to be answered in episode 5. While she was away from her siblings and tortured for much of her teenage years, when she was finally reunited with Jon last season, it was sigh of pure relief - but Littlefinger tried his best to get inside her head in order to sway such loyalty.

The fourth episode, called "The Spoils of War", left a main character's fate in doubt, while the show delivered one of the longest held promises: one of the dragons has returned in Westeros in a proper way for the show's fans. Here she is with a broody Jon - he's always bloody brooding, let's face it - and there's even the King of the North having what looks to be a dramatic hissy fit worthy of a two-year-old. But before that happens something wonderful is going to occur in episode 5, which we all are hoping to see.

So that means Jon has been in contact with his sister Sansa and knows about Bran's visions.

Now in the aftermath, Daenerys is looking to continue her campaign to win the Iron Throne but her victory will apparently take her back home to Dragonstone where she will reunite with Jon Snow.

No waiting will be necessary to see where the war goes from here.

In the season's fourth Inside the Episode video, Thrones showrunner David Benioff hinted at a budding romance between the Mother of Dragans and Jon Snow, who-up until their dimly-lit cave scene together-were not exactly getting along. He is a true Targaryen and also a Starke. Essentially it's a guiding force of fear and we've seen different kind of betrayals play out in every which way imaginable. Maybe that's something that she'll try to figure out, but we're not all that sure that they're going to be all that willing to sit there and allow themselves to be measured for it...

But hopefully there will be some lighter moments in the episode as Sam and Gilly both look set to return. IT is possible that he was castle black as the night watcher. But that the show's Westeros - a Kingdom said to be the size of South America - has devolved into an ever-dilating land where travel distance bends to plot convenience shouldn't be taken as a show-damaging problem. We also figure that there is going to be tension judging from Tyrion not really wanting her to go through with this in the first place. Seeing everyone in one episode is like a mega combo pack. Do you think the two have chemistry?

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