Amazon all set to revolutionise food industry with ready-to-eat meals

Lloyd Doyle
August 13, 2017

The report is sourced from a startup that is pitching the technology, and alleges that Amazon is already working out the logistics of how it would market and distribute pre-cooked meals to customers using its existing warehouse structure.

The speed at which Amazon has become a food company is kind of incredible, and Reuters reported Friday that Amazon is talking to a startup called 915 Labs about its MATS (microwave-assisted thermal sterilization) technology for possible use in future products. The university became the research hub for MATS and received US funding for the research. The company, formed in 2014, has licensed the original patents from the university. While the food is still awaiting Food and Drug Administration's approval, MATS dishes will not be available until 2018.

Amazon invited the startup to Seattle after learning about MATS technology past year.

915 Labs says that the dishes retain their natural flavor and texture, unlike other processes that change the dining experience with soggy ready-to-eat meals once they're microwaved. Because the meals can sit on a shelf for up to a year, warehousing and transportation needs would be far less complex. If that's true, however, it could open up a whole new line of business for Amazon's food ambitions, which are quite large as evidenced by its $13.7 billion acquisition offer to Whole Foods. The company has also filed for a trademark for cook-it-yourself meal-kits and Amazon's checkout-free convenience store is in the test stage.

Reuters reported that Amazon is looking at offering ready-to-eat dishes as soon as next year.

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