Pakistan celebrating 70 years since independence

Lester Mason
August 15, 2017

In 1947, British rulers sliced a giant Indian empire into two new countries: a Hindu-majority India, which celebrates its independence Tuesday, and Pakistan, home to mostly Muslims. Seven decades ago, at the same time, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, delivered a speech, that is not only an example of the his impeccably oratory skills but also the victory of India's non-violent struggle against the British rule.

It comes as the Islamic State group attempted to disrupt independence celebrations with a bomb blast last week, targeted Pakistani troops. It demanded that Mika cancel his appearance at the Pakistani concert.

"The Parliament House depicted in her work commemorates this day, this movement, and this triumph of independence". Some of us Indians care for peace. Lahore is decorated with lights to marks 70th Pakistan's Independence Day. Then it shows band members holding placards, saying: "This Independence Day, we'd like to dedicate a song to our neighbours".

Google has come up with a handsome doodle celebrating India's 71 Independence Day. Also, Google wishes a happy Independence day for those who all voted.

Wang expressed the hope that the two countries strengthen coordination and make good plan and design from a long-term and top-level perspective. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, who is the chief guest, and the three service chiefs are present at the ceremony.

Pakistan and India, who celebrate their independence days on 14 and 15 August respectively, have a long and bloody history of conflict.

Yang said Pakistan has become a key player in the global arena and China considers it to be a key player in the development of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) project. Bengal was reunited in 1911 due to political protests but was eventually divided again in 1947, with the Partition of India and the creation of Pakistan.

Most of the channels on TV telecast classic films in connection with the Independence Day theme, patriotically themed programs and helps the people keep their prides up about the country that they so love.

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