BMW M5 previewed; First Edition, 10.5L/100km confirmed

Doris Richards
August 16, 2017

Even though BMW hasn't revealed the new M5 yet, we already know a lot about it. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system is confirmed for inclusion, which can be locked to RWD-mode only for some slidy fun.

BMW has published a small videotizer with the M5 sedan next generation. What really got people going, though, was the word of over 600 hp and the title of the fastest accelerating BMW of all time.

In this new teaser video that BMW posted on Twitter, we see an M5 storming through the desert, way off in the distance. According to a new Facebook teaser, the much-anticipated performance sedan will officially arrive on August 21. If you have the reflexes to pause the video quick enough, you can see a Kidney Grille and headlight.

It's not been confirmed when Australia will get its cars but pricing should see the flagship M5 be priced at around $250,000 - the same as Mercedes AMG charges for its E63. In standard mode, all four wheels will power the 2018 M5, but the driver has the ability to switch on the M Dynamic setting to only send power to the rear wheels.

You can also hear a bit of the soundtrack generated by its 450kW (600hp) 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8, which is expected to produce more than 700Nm of torque and propel the Bavarian beast from 0-100kmh in "under 3.5sec".

Most of the time, engineers claim, the M5 will handle like a rear-wheel drive auto until the vehicle detects slip when it can channel torque to the axle that needs it.

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