DeMario Jackson reveals he felt 'suicidal' after Bachelor in Paradise scandal

Angelo Anderson
August 18, 2017

This is also a franchise that has been known for sensationalizing many things during their own episodes - they've exaggerated fights and medical crises many times over, and turned people into caricatures during the editing process after the fact.

Viewers have been waiting for what feels like forever to see what happened on season four of Bachelor in Paradise to cause a temporary shutdown in production. Warner Bros.'s investigation concluded that no misconduct had occurred, and so the cast returned to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to resume filming a couple of weeks later. "After the show, Carly and Evan revealed that they were engaged and it didn't come as a big surprise when they revealed that they would be tying the knot on the season premiere of "#Bachelor in Paradise" this week.

"In the finale, the show will continue outside of Paradise".

DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios will both tell their sides of the story-in separate sit-downs-when Bachelor in Paradise returns next week. Almost two weeks later, the production company concluded that there was no evidence of misconduct.

He then added, "We knew we had to have a serious conversation before we could go back to Paradise".

DeMario Jackson reveals he felt 'suicidal' after Bachelor in Paradise scandal
DeMario Jackson reveals he felt 'suicidal' after Bachelor in Paradise scandal

What really astounded me was the level of incompetence - things that were said and printed by quote-unquote reputable media, and reputable print, and even TV.

The 30-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter that he motioned for the only black producer on the island to follow him over to the pool during the incident because of the current state of race relations. However, the nonattendance of grimy clothing additionally abstained from anything that may be mistaken for excusing the competitors included or, besides, the system and makers, who have been blamed for employing their accuses of liquor to wring more show out of the procedures. We're all adults here.

"They said it was protocol. But acting as if the producers have no influence is ludicrous". Jackson's main takeaway: none of this would have happened if Olympios had been black or if Jackson had been white.

They all agreed that it wasn't fair that Corrine was slut-shamed in the media, and that a double standard for men and women does happen. "I mean, you picture a dream wedding and this was everything that you could ever want and we just feel super honored and so special". He called it "unfortunate".

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c. What Harrison is doing is effectively saying that all food is awful because he went to McDonald's and someone burned his cheeseburger. To say the least, it was disappointing to watch. There were subjects that needed to be discussed. "This is your forum", Harrison said.

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