Christopher Columbus Monument in Baltimore Severely Damaged

Lester Mason
August 21, 2017

A video of the incident was shared to YouTube, and featured several people congregating around the monument in Baltimore. The memorial is the oldest monument to Columbus in North America and is one of three in Baltimore.

Signs that read "Racism: Tear it down" and "The Future is Racial and Economic Justice" were left next to the monument, originally erected in 1792 and moved to its current location in 1964.

"Christopher Columbus symbolizes the initial invasion of European capitalism into the Western Hemisphere", the narrator says.

"The protest deepens the actions against the culture that glorifies white supremacy and the racism that allowed for the ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Peoples as well as the African slave trade, which treated people as property". It's at the foundation of US culture, business, bureaucracies and psychology.

The Baltimore Police Department acknowledged the vandalism and announced that it is investigating the incident.

Activists can be seen holding up the two handwritten signs, before pulverizing the engraved tablet at the base of the 44-foot-tall obelisk. According to the Baltimore Brew, the vandal smashed the part of the statue that read, in part, "Sacred to the Memory of Chris".

In recent years, activists have pushed back against Columbus Day, pointing to the mass killings of the indigenous people and eventual colonization of the Americas after the explorer "discovered" the continents.

Columbus has become an increasingly polarizing figure over the last several decades, with many cities around the USA renaming "Columbus Day" as "Indigenous Peoples' Day" instead. "Ty expresses the expectation that people will show their support for Columbus and [George] Washington, which is just further evidence of the widespread acceptance of racist behavior even when it includes genocide and mass slavery".

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