Barclays iPhone app now lets you pay contacts using Siri

Doris Richards
August 22, 2017

While this feature has been available via PayPal for some time, Barclays is the first high street bank in the United Kingdom to offer the service.

Apple's virtual assistant just got more useful thanks to Barclays, which has become the first high street bank in the United Kingdom to let customers use just their voice to transfer cash.

Customers can can just say, "Hey Siri!"


"... Siri represents a useful technological tool to enhance the bank's appeal to customers who have iPhones and iPads."


Payments are authenticated with Apple's TouchID fingerprint recognition service, removing the need for a password.

Barclays' embrace of Siri contradicts the bank's previous hostility to Apple over its Apple Pay platform, which the bank refused to support until long after it had launched in the UK. The Siri integration means BMB customers won't need to open the app to pay existing payees or mobile contacts, they can simply ask Siri such as "Pay John £15 with Barclays". Single and daily payment limits and can only be made in pounds.

According to Barclays, the technology will enable customers to send money "virtually hands free", stating that it will make secure banking more accessible than having to go through the phone banking app. It's a feature that PayPal introduced back in November, but Barclays is the United Kingdom first bank to roll out the functionality. Steve Barclay, City Minister, said: "Using Siri payments is another step forward in making banking easier, quicker and more flexible for people across Britain".

If you've got an iPhone and bank with Barclays, all you need to do is download Barclays Mobile Banking app to get started.

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