Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Noms made, Veto won

Angelo Anderson
August 28, 2017

However, maybe having a rocket scientist would help because Maven is blissfully ignorant of their impending doom.This episode also has a hilarious Jalex showdown, Alex literally having no idea what she's doing and the Tree of Temptation being totally ignored.

This week's endurance HoH competition involves the HGs standing on thin ledges inside hot dog buns while getting sprayed with water and condiments. Before the vote, her and Jason Dent decided they should throw one vote at Matt, and blame it on Kevin Schlehuber. Everyone wants Paul to win.

Josh Martinez confessed that Jason winning was "worst case scenario" because he's one of the strongest male competitors left in the house. Raven starts begging for the others to drop so she can get a letter.

Alex tells Jason that only them and Paul can know about the vote; he struggles and squirms, then admits he screwed up. Raven and Matt are very annoyed on the sidelines because they just want to go inside. Christmas and Paul discuss how weird Raven and Matt are, even thinking she is a compulsive liar and freaky, and all her stories are just too unbelievable. Alex's strategy is to make people think that they're not as close as people think they are.

In order to wrap things up, Alex made Jason promise her safety, and then she dropped out of the competition.

Jason runs around like an airplane as Christmas places the HoH around his neck.

Josh hates that Jason is HoH, and hopes that Jason will take a shot for them and not against them; Matt feels Alex will be the only one safe this week, so it will get pretty insane in the BB house.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Jason pointed out that everyone in the house should understand what his "agenda actually is" by putting Raven and Matt on the chopping block together.

Kevin immediately starts to suspect that people are trying to frame him, so he declares that he voted to evict Mark to anyone who will listen.

Alex didn't want Jason to tell a soul about them being the "rogue" votes cast for Matt, but the rodeo clown had already spilled the beans to Kevin. Kevin questions Jason about the second vote but Jason tells him to keep his mouth shut and ears open; Jason wants him to stop digging and worrying so much. Who did they nominate for eviction? Jason has all the power in the house, and he can make bold moves that could surprise everyone. If he was just a pawn, there should have been no reason for anyone to vote for him. Jason assumed that if Matt or Raven got evicted, the other person would crumble.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, none of the houseguests chose to pick an apple from the "Tree of Temptation", although Raven briefly considered it.

Jason talks to Paul and Raven, trashing Kevin a bit about how he hasn't done anything.

Jason won HoH which gave him the opportunity to send Matthew and Raven to the Block. Matt even got to the point where he wanted Kevin to be nominated for eviction next. And Matt and Raven were pretty certain Kevin was going to be backdoored this week.

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