Injustice 2 New Gameplay Trailer for Black Manta

Angelo Anderson
August 28, 2017

While the latter didn't steal as many headlines, he did just receive a brand new trailer that shows off how he'll play.

Injustice 2 was developed by NetherRealm Studios.

Hellboy is the eponymous character of his own series from Dark Horse, which was created by Mike Mignola. Wearing his iconic diving suit and helmet with large red eyes, Black Manta manages to strike an imposing pose. NetherRealm continues its tradition of win animation camera abuse as Black Manta unleashes his eye lasers before turning his back and walking away as the stage is obliterated by fire. Players can play from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, and Deadshot.

Much of the two-minute Injustice 2 clip focuses on Black Manta taking on his DC Comics arch-enemy Aquaman, as he stabs him over and over, blasts him with lasers, spews threats, and then repeats the entire process. So far, the studio has remained tight lipped on the final pack, though speculation still surrounds characters like Enchantress, Beast Boy, Plastic Man, and Spawn to name a few. The game is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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