This Is Probably Why Lorde Didn't Sing at the 2017 MTV VMAs

Angelo Anderson
August 28, 2017

In one of the stranger moments at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Lorde graced us with a performance that consisted of her making faces and bopping around like a dizzy 2-year-old.

Instead, she emerged on stage in grey trousers and a silver tutu and gave the song its own interpretive dance routine without singing a single word.

Props to Lorde for not lip-syncing; I'd rather watch her dance for real than pretend to sing.

Her routine included foot stomps, collapsing on the ground, slow motion boxing moves, being carried in the air by back-up dancers dressed in black, and shoulder shrugs.

Lorde's Twitter account may offer up some clues.

Lorde dances to Homemade Dynamite at the Video Music Awards. It seemed odd and perhaps underwhelming, especially since her album Melodrama sparked so much excitement and garnered critical praise earlier this year.

Others were more positive about the routine, calling it typically Lorde-esque. However, those expecting a normal performance from the New Zealand singer who didn't realize she was ill, were in for a bit of a shock.

But she had a good reason! I mean, singing while sick does sound like a bad, awful combination.

This tweet also make me wonder why Lorde didn't consider canceling her performance if she wasn't feeling well.

The ceremony, which has a history of creating controversy including Madonna kissing Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus twerking, will be hosted by another pop princess, Katy Perry, on Sunday (Monday 10am AEST).

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