WrestleCade Pulls Sexy Star From Upcoming Event

Leslie Hanson
August 28, 2017

Despite Rosemary tapping out-therefore ending the match, with Sexy Star keeping her title-the champion locked in the submission even harder, turning it from a safe wrestling move into one of the more brutal MMA holds (it was Ronda Rousey's preferred finishing move in the octagon), one that ended up legitimately injuring her opponent in the process.

This wide spread call to blackball Star may be working as companies are already pulling scheduled appearances by the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. You are an asshole. But after Rosemary tapped out, Sexy Star continued to apply pressure to the arm, and it was later reported that she legitimately popped Rosemary's arm out of place. "And you don't belong in this business". ". Whilst GFW co-star Ethan Carter III jokingly quoted a Donald Trump tweet about a border wall with Mexico adding "So you watched Sexy Star at #TriplemaniaXXV last night too?". And while I have remained quiet on social media until I was more calm to address the situation, I have now being informed that she is telling people that it is a work. She was a liar in the locker room when she was forced to apologize and instead cooked up some bulls-t excuse that she "didn't know" and she is a liar now. One of the first companies to do this was WrestleCade who released a lengthy statement saying that following Rosemary's statement they had made the decision to pull Star from their upcoming WrestleCade weekend for which they were widely praised and thanked for putting the safety of talent ahead of business. You know if you are torquing on someone's arm. To make this story clear, Sexy Star wanted to make a point and used Rosemary as an example in the worst way possible. Sexy Star must have been upset about it and then did the wrong thing by taking it out on Rosemary, slapping on an armbar for the finish and continuing to perform the hold after the match was over.

The report from PWInsider noted that Sexy Star left the building shortly after the incident. We are a family and we protect our own.

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