Whole Foods Is Still Super Expensive, New Analysis Shows

Lloyd Doyle
August 31, 2017

Still, the results show the market's initial reaction to Amazon's announcement to cut prices at Whole Foods may have been a little overblown, Grom suggests.

Calling the combined venture "the first of a new breed of cyber-physical retailers", professor Lee McKnight of Syracuse University's school of information studies says Amazon's first priority isn't to boost Whole Foods' sales volumes - it's to boost the amount of data the company has about its customers.

Whole Foods is signifying price cuts in-stores with an orange tag, complete with the Amazon logo slapped across. Because Whole Foods sold at high prices, it got the nickname 'Whole Paycheck. An employee informed the group that it'd be a long night for them at Whole Foods.

Austin-based design firm Argodesign is betting on a fundamental reorganization of retail, as Amazon's obsession with efficient logistics merges with the Whole Foods mentality of providing fresh and locally sourced food. They wore stickers with the inscription 'Visitor, ' perhaps they were Amazon employees who came over to help organize the transition.

Noting the recently struck deal between Google and Walmart, McKnight said, "If you're not Walmart, if you're not Amazon and Whole Foods, who's your cyber partner to make you stand out in this evolution?"

Meanwhile, one of the highlighted changes in Whole Foods Market was the addition of the popular voice-activated wireless speaker and smart assistant Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, which were both made available at discounted prices of $99.99 and $44.99, respectively. Grom looked at more than 100 products at a Whole Foods location in Princeton, N.J., and compared their prices this week to last week.

The acquisition of Whole Food Stores was disclosed first in June and was ascertained by the shareholders at Whole Foods.

If he were another retailer who was locked out of deals with Amazon or Google, McKnight said, "I'd be wetting my trousers now".

REUTERS/Brendan McDermidFruit is displayed at a Whole Foods store in New York City, U.S., August 28, 2017. The store may be what the retail operations by tech giant require.

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