Polish minister: Merkel, Macron erase Poles from WWII memory

Lester Mason
September 6, 2017

"We should regroup with the Germans on serious conversation and work together to think about how to solve the problem".

The Nazis invaded Poland in September 1939, triggering the start of war.

Warsaw was "preparing" its formal position on WWII reparations, Waszczykowski said, without specifying when it would be made public.

The European Commission will ask EU member states on Wednesday to take a stand on whether the Polish government is abusing democratic standards, three sources told Reuters, as the bloc steps up pressure on Warsaw.

"The fact is that Poland was destroyed during the war, awful crimes were committed here, and we have received no compensation for that", he said.

He said Poland's material losses were about $1 trillion (€840bn), or higher.

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has also supported the push for reparations to be paid, saying the country is simply seeking justice and stressing that Poland is a "victim of World War II".

The country's right-wing government has dismissed a 1953 resolution by Poland's former communist government which dropped any claim to reparations from Germany, and are instead claiming that Germany is "shirking" its moral responsibility.

Poland "had, during the treaty negotiations, at least implicitly waived their right to assert them (claims for reparations)", the legal experts said.

An independent Ibris poll found that 51 per cent of Polish people objected to repatriation claims against Germany, while 24 per cent were in favour.

French President Emmanuel Macron said last month that Poland was going "against European interests", while German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Poland a "serious issue".

The comment comes amid growing tensions between Poland's conservative-nationalist government and both Merkel and Macron, who have recently criticized perceived rule of law violations by the Warsaw leaders.

On the question of whether Warsaw would seek reparations, Waszczykowski said: "the decision may not make a Minister".

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