Gerald's Game Trailer: The Stephen King Adaptation Coming to Netflix

Angelo Anderson
September 7, 2017

She has described her work on this film as demanding and taxing, but worth it. Gerald's Game is directed by Mike Flanagan, and that's great news.

Following the overwhelming response to IT movie, another Stephen King adaptation is lined up for release.

Clearly, Stephen King has the coast at this time and it is not we who are we going to complain about it, even if we wait for the moment when it will come to saturation.

"This is gonna be good for us Jess, really good", Greenwood's Gerald says at the start of the trailer, as they drive off into the picture flawless sun of their vacation home.

Aiding in my faith is the presence of the always terrific Carla Gugino in the lead role with support from Bruce Greenwood as her ill-fated husband. So much for a "romantic getaway" at their secluded summer home.

If you're a fan of horror then you'll be watching this when it's released on Netflix on September 29th. After Jessie is handcuffed to the bedposts-and Gerald crosses a line with his wife-the day ends with deadly consequences.

The film is Gerald's Game, based on King's 1992 novel in which a woman named Jessie is left alone and handcuffed to a bed in a remote cabin after her husband dies during sexual play. Now Jessie is utterly trapped in an isolated lakeside house that has become her prison-and comes face-to-face with her deepest, darkest fears and memories.

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