The Walking Dead season 8: official synopsis released

Angelo Anderson
September 7, 2017

More than 100,000 products featuring images of show characters Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon will be in stores prior to the new season's opener on October 22. The battle lines are drawn as they launch into a kinetic, action-packed offensive.

Right, if you're avoiding all things The Walking Dead-related, go no further, as an official synopsis has been released for season 8, and it basically outlines what we can expect when the show returns to AMC next month. They have to fight to take back their freedom so that they can live. As with any battle, there will be losses. "But in the face of Rick leading the forces of Alexandria, Maggie diriant the Hill and Ezekiel at the head of the Kingdom, the domination of Negan on this world could be coming to an end".

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The 18-year-old actor, who plays Carl Grimes in the AMC television horror drama, said the eighth spell is going to be "really fun", reported Contactmusic. "Yeah, lots of fighting, lots of cool stuff. It's really, really fun this season", Riggs told Triple J. After that, it is hoped that this will not be like every year: the prospect of lots of action, twists galore, drama awful and dead painful to eventually end up with a driver that sends the sauce, a final episode in which we loose on a big climax of hell and, in the midst of it all, a lot of empty space.

"We've had a few characters this season who I feel so bad for, because they're coming in in the midst of all the war and the craziness with the explosions and everything". I still love it. "It's been really, really awesome". Even if it is going to have to work twice as hard for us to rally during the course of his season 8.

Created in partnership with Mountain Dew, the new app, The Walking Dead Encounter, will allow fans to unlock and collect walkers in stores by scanning limited edition The Walking Dead Mountain Dew packaging, and by watching the show when it returns for its eighth season on October 22. "We're excited to give fans the opportunity to collect limited edition Mountain Dew products featuring iconic show characters and unlock new walkers each week with the augmented reality app".

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