Leader Vows Iran's Response to Breach of JCPOA

Lester Mason
September 17, 2017

At this meeting Imam Khamenei slammed attempts of U.S. to breach the JCPOA.

"This proves how right Imam Khomeini was when he described the USA as the "Great Satan", the Leader noted, adding that the United States is really the most evil one.

"The United States of America's regime is truly the most vicious of devils", Ayatollah Khamenei added.

As regards the best approach to deal with the enemy's hostile moves, Ayatollah Khamenei said Iranian authorities should prove it to the "corrupt leaders of the U.S. regime" that they rely on the Iranian nation who would never bow to force.

Khamenei criticized the USA officials, saying that corrupt and lying U.S. officials blatantly accuse Iran of lying.

Washington extended some sanctions relief for Iran on Thursday under Tehran's 2015 deal with world powers but said it had yet to decide whether to maintain the agreement.

The Leader of the Revolution went on to say: Today we witness, despite all the contracts, deals, and multiple talks regarding the JCPOA, the attitudes of the USA towards the negotiations and their outcomes are totally oppressive, hounding, and cruel. "The Americans should know that the Iranian people will stand firm on their honorable positions and on important issues related to national interests, there will be no retreat by the Islamic Republic", Khamenei said in a speech to Iranian military academy graduates.

Blasting the U.S. officials for accusing Iran of telling lies, the Leader said, "You are the ones who lie; liars are those who don't want to see the prosperity of any nation and believe it is right to secure one's illegitimate interests by any means".

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