China runs word's fastest commercial bullet train at 350 kilometre per hour

Lloyd Doyle
September 21, 2017

China began Thursday to restore the maximum speed of bullet train on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to 350 kilometers per hour, six years after it was reduced to 300 kmh.

Two Fuxings, (meaning rejuvenation in Chinese), yesterday pulled off respectively from Beijing and Shanghai, heading in the opposite directions at a speed of 350 kilometres per hour.

The speed increase will cut the Beijing-Shanghai journey to 4 hours and 28 minutes.

The limit was reduced to 300kph after 40 people died in a high-speed train crash near Wenzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, in July 2011.

Lu Dongfu, China Railway's general manager, said the line had been built to the world's highest standards and the Fuxing trains were created to run at a maximum speed of 350kph.

Following a deadly accident in July 2011, the authorities ordered that operating speeds be lowered to 300 kph due to safety concerns.

The Fuxing trains were unveiled in June and are capable of top speeds of 400 kilometres per hour, state-run Xinhua news agency reported earlier.

From September 21, these trains will make seven round trips each day.

Designed and manufactured in China, the Fuxing is more spacious and energy-efficient, with a longer service life and better reliability.

China has laid more than 20,000 kilometres (12,400 miles) of high-speed rail, with a target of adding another 10,000 kilometres (6,214 miles) by 2020.

Now the country can design and manufacture the system all on its own and it has held a full range of intellectual property rights for making Fuxing.

About one-third of China's high-speed railways were created to allow trains to run at a speed of 350 kilometres per hour, according to He Huawu of the China Academy of Engineering.

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