Christopher Johnson: Jets not tanking, record won't determine fate of Bowles, Maccagnan

Annette Crawford
September 21, 2017

Christopher Johnson said that Woody was not consulted earlier this month when the team chose to trade former Pro Bowl pass rusher Sheldon Richardson to Seattle for a second round pick.

Yes, the Jets new acting owner has jokes.

Christopher explained Wednesday that his brother is too consumed in his new full-time job and won't be involved in any of the decisions for the near future.

It's a tall order, but he deserves a fair chance.

"One of my roles here is to get into the fan base". He's fighting a 136-146 record since his big brother plunked down 635 million smackaroos to buy the Jets 17 years ago. "Don't mess it up".

Christopher Johnson aims to change that. Johnson said, via He talked about how much he wants to win, but understands where the Jets are right now. What you're seeing I think are growing pains. "I think he's very thoughtful, he's very methodical and I'm really impressed with his drafts and his outlook". There are so many young guys who, just because they aren't bold-faced names, doesn't mean they aren't really talented. Some of them, they're doing an extraordinary job, but I think you're going to see this team get better and better and better. That's what I'm looking for.

"Over the years, he always bounced things off of me and it would be great if I could do that with him, but he really has a full time job over there", Christopher Johnson said.

Sucking For Sam or being Frozen For Rosen, of course, has its privileges (MUCH more on that in the coming days, weeks and months). He also spoke favorably of GM Mike Maccagnan.

"Believe me, I like winning a lot more than losses, but that's only part of the equation". It would be great if I could do that with him but he really has a full-time job. "I'm looking forward to seeing growth. But I'm excited about the progression". "I think it's going to be obvious to all if this team is progressing". "Even when I wasn't, Woody was calling me up to ask what I thought". I can't say whether they're going to stay home, but I hope they don't. "I'm still working through my progression here, but I think things are going well".

"There are some growing pains right now - there's no question", Johnson said. He sometimes sounded like a diehard fan himself. Give the guy a mulligan for basking in one of the few bright spots from an otherwise nightmarish trip to The Black Hole.

For the first time since early 2000, Woody Johnson has nothing to do with the New York Jets.

In regards to coach Todd Bowles, who is in year three of a four-year contract, wins and losses won't necessarily determine his fate.

Moving from the shadows to the spotlight takes a little getting used to, but Johnson isn't overwhelmed by the task. Despite a very young roster geared toward a long-term rebuild, Johnson said losses are painful, he's not patient but wants to see some progress. "Every little brother wants to show up his big brother". Who plays? Who sits? It's more about the play on the field.

"That's going to be up to the coach".

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