Tesla, AMD Working On Chip For Autonomous Driving

Doris Richards
September 21, 2017

On Wednesday Sanjay Jha, CEO of AMD spin-off GlobalFoundries, said at the company's technology conference in Santa Clara, California, that the company is working directly with Tesla.

Tesla is reportedly working on a chip to handle all the tasks needed to power the fleet of fully self-driving cars that its CEO Elon Musk promised would be road-ready by 2019. GlobalFoundries, which fabricates chips, has a wafer supply agreement in place with AMD through 2020.

Supposedly, Tesla has received back samples of the first implementation of the new processor, with the electric automaker now running various tests with the chips.

It looks like AMD might have scored a seriously large contract through electric auto maker Tesla Motors, with the companies collaborating on a new AI accelerator for self-driving cars.

Tesla has claimed that its current generation vehicles have all the hardware and computing capability on board to achieve full self-driving with a software update in the future.

AMD shares closed up 62 cents, or nearly 5%, at $13.74, following CNBC's headline, and are up another 87 cents, over 6%, at $14.62, in late trading. This could be something that helps AMD better compete against NVIDIA in the GPU space, with the helping hands (or should I say bank accounts and deals on semi custom designs) of Tesla?

Interestingly, Tesla's head of AI, Jim Keller, is an ex-AMD CPU ar- chitect having designed Zen (used in Ryzen and EPYC), and has surrounded himself at Tesla with several key AMD players, which may have been the initial reason Tesla is aligning themselves with AMD.

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