How do you get dissed by Kermit the Frog? Ask Chrissy Teigen

Lester Mason
September 23, 2017

But Chrissy headed on a different path for laughs when she was struck with with a baking dilemma.

And that's what happened yesterday when Chrissy discovered she was missing one ingredient that's ever-so-slightly key to the recipe she was making: She was missing bananas for banana bread.

And naturally, she went for Twitter to request for the bananas she needed.

This controversy comes just a few months after Chrissy announced that Ivanka's father, President Donald Trump, blocked her on Twitter! She shared a picture of Meg giving Chrissy's assistant, her mum, the bananas in freezer bag as her mum gave Meg a pair of Calvin Klein underpants, Chrissy's book Cravings and a make-up palette.

She tweeted: "If you have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette".

Earlier this week, the model/actress, who now has over 7 million followers on the platform, called out the president's oldest daughter Ivanka Trump for her English grammar blunder via a tweet.

The tweet led to a slew of amusing responses from followers. She was inundated with pictures of fans with bananas and Chrissy responded to some by saying the bananas weren't brown enough, some who didn't have the right amount and others who lived too far away.

Well, it beats going to the supermarket we suppose.

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