Japan to deploy additional missile defence system in north: Defence ministry

Lester Mason
September 23, 2017

"What we've done with the sanctions is we are putting the leader in North Korea in a position to be aware that the global community, voting unanimously twice now in the United Nations Security Council, seeing the increasing diplomatic isolation that comes with it, comes with the economic sanction that there's a penalty to be paid for ignoring worldwide concerns and norms". First, Standard Missile-3 interceptors on Aegis destroyers in the Sea of Japan would attempt to shoot down missiles mid-flight. Together, they have proposed a "double freeze" to end the dispute: North Korea would end its military nuclear program and the U.S. would halt its joint annual exercises with South Korea.

China has shown its deepening frustration over the North Korean missile test crisis, with a commentary in the state-run People's Daily blaming the United States for hindering efforts to resolve the issue.

As North Korea continues to test a series of intercontinental missiles and payloads, and as the USA continues to respond by unleashing "fire and fury", the Pentagon is said to be rethinking how to respond to such missile launches.

"The increased moves of the USA and its vassal forces to impose sanctions and pressure. will only increase our pace toward the ultimate completion of the state nuclear force", the North's foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by its official KCNA news agency.

The global community must remain united and enforce sanctions against North Korea after its repeated launch of ballistic missiles, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an editorial published in the New York Times on Sunday.

The U.S. military has described the exercises as training for readiness "to fight tonight" against North Korea if needed.

For his part, hawkish Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he would "never tolerate" the North's "dangerous provocative action" and has urged the global community to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang.

"CNN: "Japan split over how to deal with North Korean missile launches - "... underneath the calm exterior, Friday's launch has widened a growing fault line in the ideological war over how Japan should deal with the North Korean threat to the region". "Some people have fallen for that and immediately echoed the suggestion, pointing to the failure of past sanctions to achieve their goal", it said in an editorial. "This constitutes an open extortion against the worldwide community as it implies that if they do not join the USA -led sanctions campaign against the DPRK, the US will start a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula".

On Monday, the official China Daily said sanctions should be given time to bite but that the door must be left open to talks. It is too early to claim failure because the latest sanctions have hardly begun to take effect. Two more Navy officials fired over ship collisions Mattis hints at US military options for North Korea Mattis: US to send 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan MORE on Wednesday stressed the importance of worldwide cooperation just one day after President Trump said in his first speech to the United Nations that he would prioritize USA interests.

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, claims Pyongyang needs a nuclear weapons programme to deter the U.S. from invading the isolated state.

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