Super Mario Run is adding a new world, mode, and character

Mindy Sparks
September 23, 2017

Super Mario Run turns one-year-old next week and Nintendo is bringing the biggest update to the game so far to celebrate.

The patch is set for release on September 29 and will add a new game mode called Remix 10 which features portions of 10 levels. This "frenetic" mode tasks players with completing "10 bite-sized sections" from pre-existing Super Mario Run levels in rapid succession. This is crucial because finishing stages in Remix 10 nets you new items and rescue Princess Daisy who joins the game as a playable character.

After Nintendo Wire broke the news that Super Mario Run would be getting a new mode containing super short levels that had Mario rescuing Daisy, Nintendo has finally officially announced the update.

Lastly, Nintendo will knock 50 percent off Super Mario Run for two weeks starting September 29. There's no Game Over screen, which is an interesting twist to the proceedings, allowing players to proceed to the next one and familiarise themselves with the levels. This means new players can familiarize themselves with a variety of different levels easily and experts can attempt to collect every bonus medal for a ideal rating.

These new levels are filled with new enemies, gameplay mechanics and of course include pink, purple, and black coin-collecting challenges. They're unlocked after beating Worlds 1-6.

As a fun little bonus, Mario and his pals will wear headphones when the game is being played with music in the background.

I stopped playing Super Mario Run only a few weeks after launch last December, but I've yet to delete the app.

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