3 Equinix hybrid cloud interconnection use cases — Microsoft Azure Stack

Doris Richards
September 26, 2017

SteelFusion is created to deliver a cloud-like experience in to information technology organizations that manage complex distributed remote office/branch office locations.

It's no secret that Azure is Microsoft's future and at Ignite today, the company announced updates to many different aspects of the platform.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is available now. In this video, Oceaneering International describes how the Azure Data Box helps their business data needs and the data needs of their clients.

Fast, direct Interconnection between Azure Stack and Azure clouds allows you to deliver Azure services within your organization's data center while maintaining the right amount of flexibility and control on-premises-for a truly-consistent hybrid cloud.

You can develop and deploy applications in Azure, with full flexibility to deploy on-premises by directly and securely interconnecting to Azure Stack to meet your specific regulatory or policy requirements-without changing any code. SQL Server is the first born-in-the-cloud database that is also available on-premises. "These are just some of the reasons that dV01 moved onto SQL Server 2017 on Linux and is experiencing unmatched performance and value".

Riverbed Technology Inc. is extending a longstanding partnership with Microsoft Corp. with the announcement of Riverbed SteelFusion Azure-Ready Edge, a technology that extends Microsoft Azure cloud storage to network endpoints.

3 Equinix hybrid cloud interconnection use cases — Microsoft Azure Stack
3 Equinix hybrid cloud interconnection use cases — Microsoft Azure Stack

SQL Data Warehouse delivers a new optimized for compute performance tier significantly improving performance of analytics in the cloud.

Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server will let customers maximize existing license investments with discounted rates, further extending the promise of hybrid across our customers' data investments.

Aside from announcing that Azure Stack systems are now shipping, Microsoft also announced new Azure Stack training and certification courses for IT Pros. "This new combination of Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions enables developers to use event-driven serverless computing at near-infinite global scale", Guthrie said in the release. A new Machine Learning Workbench is created to improve AI productivity of these professionals, and brings DevOps to AI development with comprehensive model management and agile experimentation using open tools. The company said it's investing in an Azure Stack Operator-focused Learning Path and a certification exam.

Microsoft is adding in new security and privacy protections for Azure, including Azure confidential computing, which enables encryption of data while in use, and an Azure DDoS protection service, which monitors the public IP addresses of resources with Azure, learns an application's normal traffic patterns, and automatically mitigates a DDoS attack when detected.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is co-engineered and validated by HPE and Microsoft to provide enterprises and service providers a simplified development, management and security experience consistent with Azure public cloud services that they can run on-premises. Billing is simplified, because users only receive a single invoice instead of being billed by both HPE and Azure. The service will be free for all Azure customers and partners, Guthrie said.

Veeam Software combined with HPE infrastructure and Azure Stack provides customers with the same agility of the Azure public cloud on-premises, using a common data availability platform to ensure rapid recovery of mission-critical applications.

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