Samsung is working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset with built-in headphones

Doris Richards
September 26, 2017

Samsung's joining the now long list of hardware manufacturers who will offer a Windows Mixed Reality headset that works with Windows 10.

Microsoft is going to hold a dedicated Windows Mixed Reality event next week where it will announce its plans for the platform as well as a number of headsets, which might include Samsung's device. The Acer headset will be the cheapest, at $299, followed by the HP at $329, and Dell/Lenovo pricing theirs at $349.

While the HMD will likely contain the same specs as the rest of the Windows Mixed Reality headset, one thing that sets this one apart is built-in headphones. Now there are no news about the pricing and launch date of the Headset by Samsung nor we have any info about what the company plans to name the Headset either.

That said, it's a little surprising to see the constantly risk-taking chaebol playing it relatively safe in the virtual reality hardware arena, with a low-priced Gear VR frequently refreshed and rehashed, but that long-rumored standalone edition still needing a good polish.

We will however be updating this article once we have any info on the Samsung's Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Hopefully, we will soon get official information regarding this headset from Samsung.

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