Facebook to introduce 'facial recognition' for enhanced security

Doris Richards
October 1, 2017

According to TechCrunch, the feature is only being tested to let users back into accounts they've been locked out of.

Facial recognition seems to be the new biometric authentication method tech companies are rolling with lately.

If you get locked out of your Facebook account, the feature will help you regain access by using your face to verify your identity.

Facebook is working on it's own facial recognition system.

This is going to be particularly useful when someone is in a place where they can't receive the SMS message for two-factor authentication.

It's an optional feature that's available only on devices that users have already used to log in.

The director of social media at The Next Web, Matt Navarra, managed to get a screenshot of what is supposed to be the interface of Facebook's new project.

Facebook told TechCrunch the feature is aimed at people who "want to quickly and easily verify account ownership during the account recovery process".

After the pilot phase, Facebook is likely to roll out the feature permanently, if successfully completed.

Auto-tagging has been improved over the years by Facebook and it appears as if that the company will use user s photographs to avoid any third-party or hacker to break into the accounts.

What do you think about facial recognition technology?

Using a combination of infrared cameras and 3D depth sensing technology, the software will help recognize a user's face, or the Face ID, which can subsequently be used to unlock the phone, authorize Apple Pay payments, and even create customized animated emojis.

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