Samsung's Windows Mixed Reality headset Odyssey ships November 6 for $499

Doris Richards
October 3, 2017

Above: Samsung's Windows-based mixed reality headset.

One detail revealed in the original images last month - which would partially explain the added cost - is the addition of integrated headphones on the Samsung Odyssey, the only Windows Mixed Reality HMD to do so.

Whether or not it is remains to be seen, but either way, there will be no shortage of Windows Mixed Reality headsets this holiday season, with perhaps the most compelling option coming from Samsung. All five headsets are now available for preorder, ranging in price from $299 to $349.

Microsoft's acquisition comes as the tech giant gets ready to release the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, and with it "Windows Mixed Reality".

Microsoft has acquired a San Francisco Bay Area virtual reality startup ahead of a major milestone for its "mixed reality" push. We don't yet have pricing details on the HMD Odyssey, but we do have specs. It features dual AMOLED displays, which Samsung will produce vivid colors and sharp resolution.

Microsoft is working with Valve to bring content from its SteamVR platform to Windows Mixed Reality.

The company also has its own hardware, but that hasn't been on display recently. You'll be able to download apps in the Microsoft Store to use with these MR headsets, and Microsoft is promising a number of VR games - including Minecraft - will be available.

As evidenced by the price, Samsung is clearly targeting the high end of the Mixed Reality world here, packing in a whole bunch of features the other headsets don't yet - or won't - have. Microsoft hasn't disclosed plans for a new version. Halo: Recruit, teased at an event in San Francisco, gave us our first look at the popular game in mixed reality, with users getting a fuller look on October 17. Even though AltspaceVR has only been around for a few years, it already has competition in the social VR space.

Samsung is yet to confirm when this product is going to be announced but chances are that we might hear about it later today at Microsoft Mixed Reality event.

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