Google Home Update Brings "Night Mode" with Lower Volume and LED Brightness

Doris Richards
October 4, 2017

Thanks to a new feature currently being tested on the Google Home Preview channel you can now set up Google Home devices to be a little more respectful of when you want it to be quite and when you don't want to be interrupted at all, hopefully this applies to the boot up sound! The app version is, and it includes a new UI that makes it easier for users to make their way around the app. The Discover and Browse categories have replaced the Watch, Listen, and Discover tabs you usually see at the bottom of the app screen. While the navigation might be slightly different, Google's familiar card layout returns with some new cards in tow.

When you load the app, the Discover section will be your default destination. You get tips and tricks and suggestions for Google Assistant in the Discover section and suggestions for content consumption in the Browse section.

However these days our devices are smarter and allows us greater control over how they work. When you are casting using Netflix or YouTube for example, a card will appear showing the app and device you are now using, as well as, the title of the video you are watching.

We're now only hours away from Google unveiling its next hardware line-up at an event in San Francisco. I was able to drill down to "Adventure Action Movies that feature John Williams" before the tags reset and I was given new options.

The update should be live for all, so head into Google Play and grab the update.

Selecting a movie or a TV show on search shows you various sources where it is available. Once that's accomplished, the Google Home speaker will automatically adjust the brightness to that level when Night Mode is activated during the predetermined time span. I was shown several different options for artist-related or genre radio stations, but only three options per category. During that time span, the Google Home's volume will be reduced.

Bottom Line Google Home shows a lot of promise and while this first generation somewhat fails to deliver right now, it'll only get better with future updates and third-party support. If you regularly use voice assistant ...

The Devices section got a small update too. All of your cast-enabled devices will be listed here and the ones now in use will have a thumbnail shown on top of it. The volume bar has been redesigned as well. This can be set on user's smartphones or even for the Google Home smart speaker.

One of the problems with Google Home and other smart speakers is their volume remains static. Discovered by Android Police, it seems that Google is testing out the feature for those who are now part of the preview program for Google Home. There's also a new Do Not Disturb mode, which mutes notification sounds but keeps alarms and timers on.

Google Home's Night Mode lowers the volume and LED light brightness during specific times and days. This is Google getting ready for the arrival of Google Home Mini, making sure users get a new and refreshed experience. The more you search the more specific the tags get.

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