Gunman had 'bump-stock' device that could speed fire

Lester Mason
October 4, 2017

Guns from Texas were among the arsenal of firearms discovered in the hotel room and homes of the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history, officials said Tuesday night.

The same poll found 54 percent in favor of a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of semi-automatic assault rifles and 54 percent behind a ban on sale and possession of high-capacity magazines.

Pictures obtained by ABC News show several rifles in the room, and partly visible is a body on the floor believed to be Paddock. If conservatives are comfortable with a ban on fully automatic machine guns, they should have no problem outlawing a device that allows for semi-automatic rifles to emulate their more violent brothers. But there's no evidence so far that he purchased any guns illegally, including a shotgun from a store in St. George, Utah.

Automatic weapons are capable of a high volume of fire just by holding down the trigger, while semi-automatic weapons load a shell automatically but only fire one bullet each time you pull the trigger.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Stephen Paddock had two "bump-stocks", which can be used to transform semi-automatic weapons to enable automatic firing. Two officials familiar with the investigation told the AP that Paddock had the two bump stocks and that they are investigating whether those stocks were used to modify weapons used in the shootings. The devices can be purchased for an AR-15-style rifle online at a cost of anywhere between $250 and $350. "I thought I was going to die and die alone with nobody by me". "The fact that's available and not addressed through legislation is a real loophole". "And, you know, who would have ever imagine this situation", he added.

Paddock's arsenal of weapons also would not have been hard to compile in Nevada where there is no permit required of people purchasing firearms, and no limit in how many weapons can be purchased at one time. It is illegal to make the gun into an automatic weapon.

"The guy doesn't have a criminal history", Don Turner, president of the Nevada Firearms Association, a gun-rights advocacy group, told BuzzFeed News. A ballot measure to expand gun background checks was approved - but barely, winning 50.4 percent support to 49.6 percent opposition out of more than 1.1 million votes cast. Nineteen more guns were found at his Mesquite home and seven at his Reno house. He never gave any indication or reason to believe he was unstable or unfit at any time.

Despite the tragedy in Las Vegas, Forum said creating stricter gun laws wouldn't make a difference.

What is a bump stock and how does it work?

But Nevada's gun culture is not easy to miss.

The purchase of fully automatic weapons has been restricted in the USA since the 1930s. He was well armed with modified firearms, some of which were perfectly legal.

What provoked Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old real estate investor, to commit mass murder?

Stephen Paddock bought almost three dozen guns in the year before he unleashed carnage on a crowd in Las Vegas, killing 58 and wounding more than 500. "They'll focus on symbolic things". No new machine guns can be made or sold to civilians.

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