'Mean Girls' Co-Stars Reunite on Mean Girls Day to Help Las Vegas

Lloyd Doyle
October 4, 2017

Poehler, however, spoke out about the shooting and asked for a better dialogue on gun violence: "We owe it to the victims to keep striving to lessen the human destruction brought by gun violence", she said in a tweet.

An unofficial holiday of sorts, Tuesday marked "Mean Girls" Day, a celebration of the teen comedy observed every October 3 in honor of a very brief scene in the film mentioning that date.

Fans of the film deemed October 3 "Mean Girls" Day after the famous line of the lead character, Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan. Lohan recalls asking him what day it is, to which he notably responds: "it's October 3rd".

We are working directly with the National Compassion Fund, a program in the National Center for Victims of Crime.

It's October 3 and that only means one thing - it's Mean Girls Day.

Heartthrob Jonathan Bennett continued, 'If every fan just gave just $3, we would hit our goal of $300,000 in no time'. Whom would you like to see cast, and why? This organization collected and distributed funds to victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Aurora shooting, and even 9/11.

As Gretchen, sorry, Lacey Chabert explains, "we know fetch is never gonna happen but we can make this happen".

Per the page, "Do something grool today. Let's hit this goal together", read a description on the site, referencing a line from the film.

Unfortunately Lindsay didn't make an appearance, nor did Queen of the Plastics herself Regina George, er, we mean Rachel McAdams.

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