Las Vegas shooter may have hired prostitute

Lester Mason
October 10, 2017

Scribbled on it were numbers, the officers said, that suggested Paddock had calculated his trajectory before opening fire.

For the one-week anniversary of the attack, CBS interviewed four officers who described the dramatic moments police helped people to safety as they tried to determine where the shooter was.

Days before that, Lombardo said Paddock rented a room overlooking another Las Vegas music festival, Life is attractive. Investigators have yet to figure out what drove him to violence.

Separately, a GoFundMe for the victims of Las Vegas has raised nearly $9 million as of Wednesday afternoon.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The abandoned baby strollers, shoes, phones, backpacks and purses strewn for days across the huge crime scene of the Las Vegas massacre were slowly being returned to their owners Sunday to become sad souvenirs of a horrific night.

After the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, concertgoers and family members of those who attended a country music festival that ended in death for dozens of people sought Monday to recover belongings left behind in panic.

When Campos approached Paddock's suite, the shooter "fired through the door, striking Mr. Campos in the upper right thigh", said Hickey who is president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America.

Paddock turned his gun on Campos, before stopping firing altogether, he said.

Before release, the items had to be cleaned of blood and other substances, as well as categorized, Flood said.

Members of a private security firm that manned last weekend's concert and stayed in the venue to help other people flee are starting to return to work.

At this point, Paddock's motive and aims remain a mystery to investigators.

"We have looked at everything, literally, to include the suspect's personal life, any political affiliation, his social behaviors, economic situation, any potential radicalization", McMahill told reporters late on Friday.

"I don't think they are after anything specific", Tanner noted.

The unity service on Saturday afternoon came as friends, relatives and an outpouring of grievers gathered in California to celebrate the life of a man who died in the mass shooting.

But so far, authorities looking to see if anyone may have aided Paddock found no evidence of the gunman having associates in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas FBI spokeswoman Sandra Breault declined to comment Sunday on any contact agents might have had with Eric Paddock.

"If you know something, say something", said Aaron Rouse, agent in charge of the Las Vegas FBI office.

Investigators said something may have happened to Paddock between October 2016 and last month that compelled him to purchase more weapons.

Video shot of the pandemonium that erupted when Paddock started strafing the festival showed a muzzle flash from his room at the Mandalay Bay resort, but bullets weren't visible in the night sky.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo had previously travelled to Mumbai after the 2008 attacks, and said the lessons he learned there had helped shape his officers' fast response to Paddock's shooting.

People are being allowed to retrieve the belongings in groups based on where they were seated at the concert. "But if anybody's got a gun and we find them continually, we eject them from the hotel".

"The prostitute, who did not give a name, said Paddock had a habit of hiring hookers on his frequent jaunts to Sin City, where he celebrated casino wins with 'really aggressive and violent sex", according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

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