This 3800-Foot-High Glass Bridge Prank Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Lester Mason
October 11, 2017

China's passion for glass-bottomed walkways has reached a new level as one scenic spot is deliberately making the see-through panels crack at over 3,800 feet high.

A tourist enjoying a saunter around the tops of the East Taihang Mountains in China probably felt as if he was going to die after the glass walkway he was situated on appeared to crack. The fright was fake.

But fear not! It was all just a PR stunt as the East Taiheng administration said in an official apology on its WeChat channel that the shattering effect was something they worked into a portion of the bridge to be more "provocative", Mashable reports.

The walkway designers had placed shattered fragments of glass in one of the layers, stretching across several panels at the end of the bridge, it explained.

With the help of sensors and special effects, the glass floor would appear to shatter as the tourists walk on them to make the visitors' journey more exciting.

Modern materials engineering allows us to build what looks like precarious glass skywalks perched thousands of feet off the ground.

Though the letter says they are "very sorry that people got frightened", it doesn't intend to replace those shattered panels with regular ones, because they hope people will want to come and experience them.

People's Daily Online posted the 10-second-long video on Twitter today, showing the tour guide yelling as he looked down the transparent walk way bottom on Taiheng Mountain.

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