AIIMS collaborates with Mental Health Foundation

Leslie Hanson
October 12, 2017

She also urged employers to grant leave to their employees to enable them to have enough rest to boost their health, adding that they should also promote employees to prevent them from being depressed.

The overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. Mental health is just not the biological individual, but also, psycho-social issues.

On this day, let us gather to create more awareness and attention towards mental health, mental illness and mental wellness.

The region, he said, however had no single Clinical Psychiatrist and therefore depended on the services of one Clinical Psychologist at the Jirapa District Hospital supported by other Community Mental Health Nurses across the region.

Wildgoose said the survey also revealed a substantial stigma surrounding mental health at work, with nearly half of those who had taken a day off calling in sick with a different complaint.

The bill mandates the DOH to develop a National Mental Health Care Services Delivery System, which shall constitute a quality mental health care program as well as a nationwide mental health information and education program. She is now one-year drug free and speaking out about her story.

Mental illness is usually caused by a combination of pressures at work and at home.

Miller said she thinks MacPherson's story can really make an impact because it started out as taking one pill, which lead to more major problems, then she was diagnosed with depression and it escalated to other things because she never sought treatment for her mental health issues.

Despite this, lack of a shared vision for mental health coupled with prejudice and discrimination remained barriers in the fight against mental health at work place, he said.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei, said the call was underpinned by the fact that work naturally precipitated stress, which could trigger mental illness and affect productivity.At the launch of the 2017 World Mental Health week in Accra last Monday, he said work related stress could also trigger an existing mental health problem that a person might otherwise had successfully managed without letting it affect their work.

The study found that stress, depression or anxiety had resulted in 62 per cent of United Kingdom employees taking a day off work in the previous year, and was having a significant impact on productivity in the workplace.

Mandy Chase, HR manager at Wildgoose, said: "Findings suggest that more needs to be done throughout all levels of an organisation to encourage an open culture and foster discussions around mental health".

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