Census 2016 finds slightly more Travellers, fewer Catholics in Co. Tipperary

Leslie Hanson
October 13, 2017

The number of people in Ireland who say they have "no religion" increased by 74%, according to data from last year's Census. This was down slightly from 69,400 persons five years previously. It shows the number of Traveller families increased by 20% in the past year alone. Figures from the council show there has been a year-on-year percentage increase in the number of families now sharing accommodation, as well as those on the roadside. Travellers made up less than 1 in 100 (0.8%) of the county's population, compared to 0.7% nationally.

Offaly has a higher percentage of Roman Catholics than any other county in Ireland according to the latest thematic report from the 2016 Census.

There were more male (118) than female (93) Travellers. Over half (53.3%) of all Travellers in the county were aged under 20, compared to fewer than 3 in 10 (27.1%) of the county's overall population.

Nearly 470,000 people, meanwhile, said they had no religion - compared to 204,151 in 2011. By 2016, this had increased to 7,604 people comprising 5.8% of the county's population.

In relation to "Ethnicity", those who indicated a "White Irish" ethnic or cultural background amounted to 139,178 people (87.4% of the county's population), a decline of 818 on 2011.

The report shows that the number of Irish Travellers stood at 30,987, representing 0.7% of the general population in April 2016.

This was followed by "any other White background" at 9.5 percent, "non-Chinese Asian" at 1.7 percent and "other incl. mixed background" at 1.5 percent.

Catholicism remains the predominant religion, accounting for 84.3% (34,472) of Longford's population in April 2016.

Those with 'Black or Black Irish (African/any other Black background)' comprised 718 persons (0.7%) while 984 persons (1.0%) indicated an "Asian or Asian Irish (Chinese/any other Asian background)".

The second largest religion after Catholicism is Church of Ireland which grew only marginally from 2,050 in 2011 to 2,079 previous year - up 1.4%.

The 1,102 Church of Ireland members in the county made up 3.4% of its total population.

The average overall age of members was 40.3 years, almost three years above the average for the general population. On average, Church of Ireland members in Longford were 3.8 years older (41.2 years) than the overall population in the county. Orthodox (2,915) and Muslims (1,564) completed the top five.

Above summary of some of the headline results from Census 2016 for Co Laois, together with comparisons for Leinster and the State as a whole are attached for information.

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