Check Out These New Licensed PS4 Controllers

Doris Richards
October 12, 2017

Sony is fixing that today by introducing three new compact controllers. Even the touch pad is there, sort of: there's a dedicated button to simulate a click on top of the controller, and a "TP" button on the bottom that lets you use control sticks to simulate the gestures.

First off we have the Nacon Wired Compact Controller, which features a design similar to the original DualShock 4, albiet with bigger face buttons and a more simplistic design. The controller will be available in Orange, Blue, Black, Grey, and Red, and will be available sometime this November.

@Play's compact controller features a two-tone design and also comes with a 3m cable.

Finally, Japanese firm Hori has created a range of three wired mini gamepads, which are "an ideal introductory PS4 controller for young players", Sony said.

If you've been looking for new ways to play your PlayStation 4, then you are in luck. Created to be used by young players, the Mini Gamepad actually doesn't have the room for a full-sized touchpad - instead, you'll press the touch pad button on the face of the device and then use the thumbsticks to simulate touch gestures. The HORI Mini Gamepad will be first out of the gate, launching in the European Union on November 6.

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