Coolest Things Facebook Announced At Oculus Go Launch Event

Mindy Sparks
October 12, 2017

The Oculus Go offers a VR experience in a much easier way: no messy wires.

The Go will start selling in early 2018 for $200 – half the price of a Rift. Its name is Oculus Go and according to the makers, it's "super lightweight" and made of a soft, breathable new fabric.

Elsewhere, the Oculus Go will a "fast-switch" WQHD LCD, lenses that offer the same wide field-of-view as the higher-end Rift, and built-in spatial audio so you don't need to hook up headphones to the device.

Oculus also announced an Oculus for Business bundle yesterday, which will include a Rift headset, Touch controllers, three sensors and three face sponges, as well as dedicated customer support and special extended licenses and warranties to set up the headset.

Project Santa Cruz, a fully 6DOF, positionally tracked headset got updated - which include fully tracked controllers that enable hand presence in the standalone form factor. Virtual reality has shaken the industry and is starting to bleed over into others with its accessibility and technological advancements.

Oculus has revamped the interface for Rift.

Remember that you'll need a decent-spec PC to run any VR - if you don't have one, keep an eye on gaming PC deals - any high-end rig will run VR well, though some specifically advertise themselves as "VR-ready" now to show they meet the required specs for Vive and Oculus.

VR arguably remains a niche area of the technology world, despite the growing number of VR headsets available and the likes of Google's Cardboard goggles offering a very affordable if basic gateway into VR.

We've built true virtual displays at the hardware level, so you can run multiple apps and windows, all with full graphic fidelity and performance. They will be available to order individually for £829.60, or in bulk. There's not much anyone can do about the first problem, but the second has just been addressed by Oculus VR.

Which of these announcements did you find most exciting? You can also launch games by inserting virtual game cartridges inside virtual game consoles that look like Sega Genesis. You can create and customise your virtual home, place objects, design it the way you design your home. His visions carry weight, largely because Facebook now has more than 2 billion users and plays an influential role in how people communicate.

Facebook Inc is launching a new virtual reality headset that does not require a separate computer to operate, allowing more mobile uses than the company's existing Oculus Rift product, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday.

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