Equifax may have been hacked again

Mindy Sparks
October 12, 2017

After announcing that more Americans were affected by a major hack earlier this month, a credit reporting agency may have been targeted by hackers again.

Equifax - whose multimillionaire CEO made a decision to set sail from the company weeks after the announcement that, under his watch, the information of 143 million Americans was obtained by hackers - was sending visitors of its website to the completely bogus software update. Tech experts believe the credit monitoring firm may have discovered the hack on their own and removed the fake software however, Equifax did not respond to media requests for comment on the incident.

Equifax has taken a customer help page on its website offline as its security team investigates another potential cyber breach.

An independent security analyst found part of the company's website was under the control of attackers trying to install fraudulent, malware-infected Adobe Flash updates, the website Ars Technica reported. The harmful tech, known as Adware.Eorezo, cannot be detected by every antivirus provider and was allegedly encountered by Abrams three separate times.

Equifax, in a statement to Fortune, said they were aware of the matter and have taken the page offline.

At issue is a consumer-facing website used for credit-report assistance. "When it becomes available or we have more information to share, we will".

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