Kim Wall investigators find saw in sea near Copenhagen

Angelo Anderson
October 12, 2017

Forensic investigators are testing whether a saw recovered from the sea off Copenhagen was used to dismember the body of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

The saw is now being examined by forensic experts, Copenhagen Police Deputy Chief Inspector Jens Moller Jensen announced at a press conference.

Madsen has insisted there was no sexual relationship between him and Wall, and their that contacts had been purely professional.

The Columbia journalism-school graduate's torso was found on August 21 and last week, her head, legs and clothes were found in plastic bags weighed down by metal pipes.

The Swedish writer's head and legs were found in plastic bags on 6 October.

Wall was last seen on board the submarine on the evening of Aug 10 as she and Peter Madsen, a self-taught engineer and inventor, sailed in waters off Copenhagen.

Madsen denies both killing Wall and improper conduct with her body and has previously claimed that she died after being accidentally hit by a hatch on the submarine.

However, it did show multiple mutilation wounds to Wall's genitals.

Authorities said there was no evidence of fracture's or blunt force trauma to Wall's decapitated skull and her cause of death has not been established yet. Thus, investigators of later found skull Kim Walls found no traces of a blow.

The charge sheet alleges Madsen cut Wall's body into pieces, punctured her torso and tied pipes to it to make it sink to the bottom of the sea, CNN reported.

Earlier, prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told a court custody hearing that a hard disk found in Madsen's workshop contained fetish films in which real women were tortured, decapitated and burned.

Peter Madsen, who had always been assured of wanting to cooperate with police, broke this "cooperation" after founding of head and refused furr statements since n.

"Of course we were anxious many times", her mother Ingrid Wall said, noting that Kim had "travelled alone by train in the south of China, went on a motorbike in Burma, and showed fascinated girls in North Korea what to do with nail polish".

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