Law in NY town punishes parents to help prevent bullying

Leslie Hanson
October 12, 2017

A town in upstate NY has passed a law that holds parents of bullying children responsible for their child's actions and sends them to jail.

If a child is caught bullying, or attacking another student, their parent will pay the fine or do the time, according to a law unanimously passed by the North Tonawanda Common Council last week.

"We hope to never need to use this law but it's there in extreme cases", said North Tonawanda City School District Superintendent Greg Woytila.

This is the first town in the take these kinds of measures against bullying.The question is, will it work?

Authorities in North Tonawanda, including the school superintendent and the mayor, are all in favor of jailing a parent for allegations against their children. "But we need to do a better job and we are continually trying to do that".

"The intent is to protect and prevent", said Mayor Arthur G. Pappas. The law went into effect on October 1.

"We want the message out there that we're serious about this".

Tonawanda City Attorney, Luke Brown, says the law is more about getting parents to engage "in the process" and to find solutions.

"I think that these teens have figured out that they can get away with this which is why they're repeat offenders. The families have given up".

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