Razer teases 1 November event, likely for a new smartphone

Doris Richards
October 12, 2017

Earlier claims undoubtedly point to a gaming mobile device by Razer, which could possibly mean an Android powered Razer gaming smartphone. It also released two wearables -the Nabu and the Nabu X and a gaming tablet.

A new post on Razer's official website states there will be a livestream to reveal the new phone on November 1, but we've yet to learn the exact timings of the event. What will you be expecting from Razer's upcoming gaming smartphone?

Razer is known for building premium Windows gaming computers and accessories, so the company's first ever smartphone will certainly be something to look forward to. The image shows a guy playing a game on a smartphone, which is evidence that the company might unveil such a device next month. What better way to depict entertainment?

We aren't exactly sure how a smartphone is made for hardcore gamers, but it's Razer, so we're assuming rainbow colored LEDs with strobe effects and hardware that can withstand hours of Gamma Lab sweat being poured all over it. Nevertheless, the company has done a pretty good job keeping details of the phone from public eye but we believe more details will surface in coming weeks.

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