Students see 'conflict of interest' in Anupam Kher's FTII position

Angelo Anderson
October 12, 2017

Sparking another controversy over what has become custom after every FTII chairman, the students' association at the Film and Television Institute of India (FSA) has questioned Anupam Kher's appointment as he also runs his own acting school in Mumbai.

FSA president Robin Joy said, "As regards the credentials and experience of Kher, there is no issue".

Anupam Kher is alumni of FTII and it's a happy co-incidence that now he has been appointed as a chairman of same institute, talking about that Kher said, "After 33 years in films, I can say that I have done 508 films but still god is continuously giving me". A government institute that exists to provide education to students from all sections shouldn't be driven by the agenda of funds generation which now seems to be the aim of such short term courses which has also been the case with government institutes/universities across the nation. "Now, the students" association has written an "open letter" to the newly-appointed Chairman, highlighting various problems the premier institute faces.

Read the letter for the full text of student concerns. "On the other hand, the administration is not providing the necessary resources which are essential to finish their projects on time".

The students also pointed to how "limitations have been brought into exercise norms as part of the new syllabus".

Jay said, "The question is how can a person, who heads a private enterprise, can be asked to head a government institute".

The students even said that the lightmen "have been reduced to contractual labour although in the past they used to be permanent employees".

"The institute runs five-days-a-week".

-Light-men are not paid now, despite working for six or seven days a week. There have been instances when lightmen haven't been paid for their work.

Like the growing culture of having only contractual faculty members in the universities/ institutes across the country, FTII also has mostly contractual faculty members.

Changes in the syllabus of the institute, and the reduction in the schedules, and reduction in number of workshops and classes that are affecting the students. "Actor Prepares, Kher's acting school, is also a matter of concern".

FTII has been producing filmmakers who are working on various platforms.

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