Unborn Child Kicks Mother so Hard It Breaks: Doctors

Leslie Hanson
October 12, 2017

A Chinese mother and newborn daughter are recovering after her unborn baby nearly kicked through the wall of her womb, prompting emergency surgery.

In what has been described as an extremely rare case, an ultrasound shows the baby's legs penetrating the uterus wall, where its thighs have become lodged.

In a statement posted on its official social media account yesterday, the hospital claimed that the first-time mother was taken to the hospital at around 10am on October 2 after having suffered severe abdominal pain for about five hours. She and her child are in stable condition, said the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China, MailOnline reported.

This left her at threat of suffering an infection, a haemorrhage, or even losing the baby, doctors said.

Doctors considered Ms Zhang's condition critical and immediately arranged an operation for her.

In 2016, a woman in France experienced a similar uterine rupture, where her baby's feet popped out of her womb through a 1 inch tear.

But she told medics that she had surgery to remove tumours in the uterus shortly before falling pregnant - so doctors suspected she had a uterine rupture.

Dr Zhong said that Ms Zhang's amniotic sac had also broken and the amniotic fluid had flown into her abdomen.

This prompted doctors to proceed with caesarean surgery to deliver the baby within a 10 minute window. The complication has a high rate of morbidity for both the mother and the baby.

Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet, the OB/GYN from Angers University Hospital who reported the case, said he had never seen this complication before.

Uterine rupture is reported to only be seen in 1 in 1,416, or 0.07% of pregnancies, but it can be extremely unsafe.

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