Bloomberg donates $64 million to environmental organizations

Lloyd Doyle
October 13, 2017

Bloomberg's donation will continue his foundation's support the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, which works to close coal-fired power plants and promote clean-energy alternatives.

"These are the groups that are fighting the war on coal and it's happening all across America and they are winning", Bloomberg said at an event at the Sierra Club in Washington. The administration announced Tuesday that it wants to repeal the previous administration's prized environmental policy: the Clean Power Plan, which mandates 32% cuts in Carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

According to, the new funds are meant to support groups working with mayors, governors, utility regulators and private sector leaders to "develop, implement and strengthen policies" that make it easier for solar and wind power to compete, according to a news release.

U.S. utilities have phased out almost half of their coal plants since 2011, with many switching to cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas.

Beyond Coal wants to push communities to fight coal plants which emit carbon and particulates blamed for lung and heart problems.

While domestic coal use is under pressure, coal exports have risen this year amid high global demand.

Dow Chemical, Koch Industries and US Steel Corp. are standing with environmentalists in opposing an energy department plan that would reward nuclear and coal-fired power plants for adding reliability to the nation's power grid and are pressuring the administration to shift course.

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