Brazen attempted carjacking at gas station caught on surveillance camera

Lester Mason
October 13, 2017

The incident, captured on the video below, began at around 1:15 p.m. on Thursday at a BP station at the corner of Roosevelt and Southfield in Allen Patrk, Fox 2 reports. Ali Noureddine, a worker at gas station, said he saw the attempted carjacker initially just walking around. "I guess he seen the lady pumping gas and seized the opportunity - he jumped in the front seat".

The video shows the suspect enter a auto while the victim was pumping gas.

She noticed him when he shut the door, and she courageously jumped inside the vehicle to try to stop him.

The carjacking was stopped by a tanker truck driver and the suspect ran from the scene.

"They drove around, around here. It would've been a disaster", Noureddine said.

Detective Jim Thorburn said the truck driver told the woman to put the vehicle in park, and then he intervened.

The carjacker tried to get out of the gas station but was stopped by a parked fuel tanker that he almost hit.

A carjacker in MI tried to steal a woman's auto as she pumped gas but was foiled by a fuel truck driver who wrestled him out of the vehicle.

Police said the carjacker was unarmed, and the carjacking victim was uninjured.

"This could happen anywhere, no matter where you are".

"I go up to the side door and she's fighting with him".

Authorities asked that the public contact Allen Park police with any information regarding the incident.

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