Couple Survived Wildfire by Spending 6 Hours in Pool

Lester Mason
October 13, 2017

Having no other option, the couple went to their neighbor's property and prepared to get in the pool.

Jan Pascoe and her husband John were trapped outside of their home and had nowhere to run or hide to get away from the flaming hot inferno.

"We were in survival mode, " Jan told the Los Angeles Times. As they deliberated whether to get into the pool - it was 55 degrees outside - their neighbor's house caught on fire.

Jan called 911 and told the dispatcher that the two of them were going in the pool. "I started screaming", their daughter, Zoe Giraudo, 38, told the LA Times.

The couple remained in the 4-foot-deep pool for six hours until the fire subsided. For the next six hours, Jan and John said they bobbed in and out of the water using t-shirts they had grabbed from their home to cover their faces from smoke and embers when they resurfaced. But for the six hours they were submerged, it was excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Jan and John Pascoe are just one of the many people whose house was burnt down, but they didn't evacuate and survived the flames. "And I kept saying, 'How long does it take for a house to burn down?'"

They went to bed shortly after 10 p.m. after receiving no official alerts. They looked out the window and saw the fire in the distance. The couple tried to drive but the fire blocked them from leaving.

After the terrifying night in the pool, the Pascoes walked back to their home to find it completely burned along with their SUV and truck.

The death toll from the wildfire has risen to 31, making it the most deadly one to come through the state since 1933, according to Yahoo News.

The wine country fires have forced at least 20,000 people to evacuate northern California since Sunday, and extremely dry conditions paired with high winds mean that the deadly blazes continue to burn. Thanks to some quick thinking and good fortune, the Pascoes are not part of that group. John and Jan said they were just grateful they made it out alive. "It was a wall of flames", Jan added. "The first thing mom said to me was 'I feel so bad I wasn't able to get ahold of you.' 'You're apologizing to me?"

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