Florida detective catches 9-foot anaconda barehanded

Leslie Hanson
October 13, 2017

She managed to drag it into the opening of the bag, and zip it shut.

"Ms. Shaw you are cra-zy", he says in the video.

This wasn't the first time Shaw handled a snake.

LCSO shared the video to their Facebook page Thursday.

As Shaw handles the snake, a co-worker videotaping is heard laughing in disbelief, cheering her on and calling her "crazy".

- A 9-foot anaconda was captured by a Leon County detective, who happened to have the experience to do so.

While she is maneuvering the boa the man filming her says: 'Emily Shaw you are insane, you are insane girl!'

The massive snake is believed to be someone's pet that either escaped or was released. It asked people to make sure their pets cages are secure, or call authorities if they can no longer care for an exotic pet.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission warns that setting exotic pets free is illegal and likely to result in the animal's death. "Thanks Detective Emily Shaw for really being #ALLin".

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