'Garbage': Michael Jordan hits out at worrying National Basketball Association trend

Annette Crawford
October 13, 2017

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan isn't happy with the way the game is being balanced in this day and age. Jordan is one of the few that has matched Woods' global fame so it was interesting to hear him talk about Big Cat in a recent interview with Cigar Aficionado.

Overall, James has reached the finals seven straight seasons between the Cavaliers and Heat. Jordan said these 28 teams will have a tough time surviving in terms of the business aspect of the game.

Interestingly enough, Jordan was with the Chicago Bulls when they won multiple titles in the 1990s, along with Steve Kerr, who is the head coach of the Warriors. He indirectly compared Woods' relationship with Jack Nicklaus to his with Bill Russell.

Jordan also said in the interview that he smokes six cigars a day (h/t Daniel Rapaport of SI.com) and elaborated on the never-ending debate of which player is the greatest in National Basketball Association history.

"He in a transitional period", Jordan said. He's in a very unique situation. I never played against Wilt Chamberlain.

"I think they're both great". Tiger played at his peak somewhere towards the end of my career. What changed between that timeframe to now - social media, Twitter, all those types of things that have invaded the personality and personal time of individuals. To now say that one's greater than the other is being a little bit unfair.I won six championships.

On his childhood sports idols: "I also grew up a NASCAR fan, a Richard Petty fan". People don't see that. "Yeah, okay, but the effort was there, and the learning curve and the passion was there". Additionally, the 54-year-old revealed in the interview that he smokes six cigars a day. "And if he didn't do it, there's no telling where my emotions would be".

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