Man Nearly Dies After Live Fish Jumps Down His Throat

Lester Mason
October 13, 2017

A fisherman was brought back to life after a Dover Sole came off its hook and slipped down his throat, blocking his airways with its gills.

The 28-year-old man in Bournemouth, England, caught a Dover sole while fishing, and chose to kiss his catch, which is a tradition, according to the BBC.

Paramedics rushed to the pier where the group were fishing to find the man unconscious, not breathing and going into cardiac arrest.

An angler in Bournemouth, England had to be resuscitated after the fish he caught jumped down his throat.

The 28-year-old had been "joking around" when the six-inch (14cm) Dover sole wriggled out of his hand and jumped into his mouth, South Western Ambulance Service (SWAS) said.

It caused a complete obstruction of the man's airways and his face turned blue after the incident on Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Friends were performing CPR, as directed by an emergency medical dispatcher on the line from the 999 control room.

Once inside the ambulance, paramedics said the man's condition was worsening despite artificial ventilation.

SWAS paramedic Matt Harrison said they knew time was very short.

They used a laryngoscope to extend the mouth to inspect the throat to see the fish trapped inside. On the sixth attempt he managed to extract the whole fish, now dead.

In what Harrison calls the "most bizarre" call he's gotten, he is "so glad the patient has no lasting effects from his cardiac arrest, which could so easily have had such a tragic and devastating outcome".

"I was intensely mindful that I just had one endeavor at getting this perfectly fine I lost hold or a piece severed and it slid farther of sight at that point there was nothing more that we could have done to recover the obstacle".

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