Texas man stole $1.2 million in fajitas, reports say

Lester Mason
October 16, 2017

Invoices and purchase orders also recovered left investigators to conclude Escaramilla had stolen $1,251,578 worth of fajitas. "But this is the real thing", Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz told The Brownsville Herald.

The scheme came to light when Gilberto Escaramilla, an employee of the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department, took off work August 7 and a delivery driver tried to drop of 800 pounds of fajitas.

When a delivery driver from Labatt Food Service called the office of the detention center August 7 to drop off the fajitas, a confused receptionist told the man the detention center didn't serve fajitas.

'The receiver of the call rushes off to the supervisor and conveys to her the discussion that had been had, and that breaks the case, ' Saenz said.

"Whenever Mr. Escaramilla reports to work the following day, he is gone up against with the talk, and he concedes he had been taking fajitas for a long time", Saenz said.

While he was off, a food vendor called the kitchen and said 800 pounds of fajitas were ready for delivery, the Brownsville Herald reported. "We've possessed the capacity to reveal two of his buyers, and they are participating with the examination".

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Rose Gomez of the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department said the department is cooperating fully with the investigation and is reviewing its procedures to prevent future incidents. "The Department will continue to strive to provide necessary and appropriate care, custody and protection of those juveniles in its custody as well as protection of public money (sic)". Police say 27-year-old Timothy Ventura realised he had locked the marijuana in the bank deposit bag before dropping it off, but still chose to deposit the money so he wouldn't lose his job.

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