Google Photos puts your pets on par with your people

Doris Richards
October 17, 2017

Google Photos is probably my favorite photo storage and organization app. Well, Google understands our affinity towards pets and the constant need to scroll through their pictures.

Google Photos is making it easier for users to find pictures specifically featuring their pets, eliminating the need to search for things like "dog.' The change is arriving for 'most countries" as of today, and it works by grouping together images that feature dogs and cats. Additionally, Google says that you'll also be able to search by breed, so you could search for a Poodle or Maine Coon and find results, plus they are letting you do animal emoji searches with cat and dog emoji. You can also label them by name, which will let you search quickly to find the ideal snapshot of your pet. (Though we all know every photo you take of them is ideal.) Google has also allowed for search by breed as well as animal emoji.

Machine learning has, for too long, ignored your dog, head cocked plaintively to the side, wondering why his face has not been recognized and categorized ("CHAMP!") alongside others in your smartphone such as "Mom", or "Mike", or any number of other humans whose faces are algorithmically detected and grouped together in your smartphone app. If you want to swap the soundtrack or create your own movie, we have six pet-inspired songs to choose from in the movie editor-whether you want to raise-the-ruff or add some cattitude.

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